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Arno and Huberta, the founders of “L’Esprit du Chemin”, knew from the beginning that this would be a hostel for and by pilgrims. Their dream has come true. Since 2003, first in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and now in Le Chemin, other “hospitaleros” work beside them. A diverse company as varied as the Camino itself. 

Everybody works as a volunteer; that is what makes this place special. Who else can better sense how exciting it is to take the pilgrim’s road for the first time? Or what it does to you when, you leave home to travel for weeks or even months towards Santiago.

“Coming home for a while”, that is what many guests say when they have stayed at “L’Esprit du Chemin”. The “making it home” is quite a job. The “hospitaleros” not only take care of receiving the guests and the cooking, but also the cleaning, shopping and upkeep of the hostel. Keep in mind also:  the renovation of the hostel, the set up and upkeep of this website, the bookkeeping, etc.. As a pilgrim you are usually not aware of how much has to be done behind the scenes. All that common effort makes the hostel what it is.
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