From Vézelay: pilgrims leaving Le Chemin

From Vézelay

The Vézelay Route (via Nevers and via Bourges), and the GR654.

From Vézelay

There are two marked routes from Vézelay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port:

  • the Vézelay Route (or Via Lemovicensis or Voie de Vézelay), which is managed by regional associations of Saint-James,
  • and the GR 654, managed by the hiking organisation FFRP.

The Vézelay Route has two alternative main routes: the Northern Route via Bourges, and the Southern Route via Nevers (see map).

The GR 654 first roughly follows the Northern Route until Charité-sur-Loire, and then cuts through to Nevers, on the Southern Route. Moreover, the GR follows where possible the smaller trails. This explains why the GR 654 is approximately 180 kilometres longer than the Voie de Vézelay.

Map Vézelay Route

Route descriptions

GR 654: the guides Vézelay - Périgueux (2015) and Périgueux - Roncevaux (2014) (FFRP).

Vézelay Route: is described in two guides, published by the Dutch Association of Saint James: one guide of the variant via Nevers (2017) and one of the variant via Bourges (2017).
More: Vézelay route information.

Guide Vézelay Route (via Nevers)

Pilgrim office Vézelay
Run by the Amis de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle de la Voie de Vézelay 
Adress: 24, rue Saint Pierre (= the steep main street of Vézelay. The office is near the Centre Sainte-Madeleine, where most pilgrims spend the night).
Tel.: (0033) (0)3 86 32 38 11. 


  • from mid April until the end of September: each day
  • from mid March until mid April and from the end of September until mid October: Friday morning - Monday evening. 

From 9.30-12.30 and 14.00-19.00 uur.