Meaningful Journey


We invite you to join us on a pilgrimage in 7 stages.

On the road, also to yourself
You are challenged to leave your familiar surroundings behind and to set out.
Obstacles and help will await you on your way. As will meetings: with others, with yourself and with the Other.
When you have reached your destination, it is time to go back home. There you can share your experiences and insights. And there you are faced with the challenge to give them a place in your ‘ordinary’ life
This is the thread of our story Meaningful Journey. It is inspired by the stories of thousands of pilgrims and by the great travel stories and wisdom traditions from ‘all’ over the world.
We hope our story can inspire you to turn your pilgrimage into a meaningful journey.

You can:

  • read the story online (click bottom right to open the story in full screen), or 
  • download it as a document (PDF).

Inspiration cards

These cards are like a travelling companion. Someone who sets you questions, offers you insight and sometimes challenges you to take a different path. In short: a companion for your soul. On your pilgrimage and on your life path.

The cards are linked to the pilgrimage in seven stages. You can:

  • download them for free: cards and tips for use, or 
  • order them ready-made (soon) or buy them in our hostel. The cards are cut to size and plastic-coated. A set of 24 cards weighs 74 grams and costs € 5 (not including shipping).
Inspiration cards