Vreemdelingen ontvangen
Receiving pilgrims (by: Meester van Alkmaar, in: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam).

Especially for those who walk or bike all the way from their home to Santiago, the Camino is rather expensive. Even more so for those pilgrims who have a modest income or who come from countries where wages are much lower. 

In L'Esprit du Chemin we want everyone to be able to have this special experience, and therefore we all work as a volunteer and on the basis of donativo. This is Spanish and means donation.

But even with all that volunteering there are still many costs. Consider: gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, cleaning, food and beverage, transportation, insurance and taxes, -and let's not forget- food and lodging for the volunteers (who receive no further compensation, not even for their travel expenses).

So you yourself decide how much you can and want to give. And of course it's great if you can and will consider what the hospitality costs us. That allows us to offer the same kind of hospitality to future pilgrims. To give you an idea, based on an overnight stay with dinner and breakfast:

  • if you give between € 25 and € 30, it covers the expenses *)
  • if you give more than € 30, we can pay the extras which make our hostel a very special place,
  • if you give less than € 25, then you will have a good reason for doing that.

*) Not included: the drinks you ordered yourself with us. Please note that we've made additional costs incurred in connection with COVID-19. Thank you for your donation!

Casa donativo
Donativo 'cottage'