a hostel for and by pilgrims
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“L’Esprit du Chemin” is...
... a hostel for and by pilgrims, which
... offers hospitality and accommodation,
... in a tradition of simplicity, quality and inspiration.

The hostel is run entirely by volunteers and has, for that reason, no profit motive. In short: a hostel in “the spirit of the way” to Santiago de Compostela.

Our hostel is located at a 25km walking or biking distance from Vézelay, in the settlement Le Chemin (= the Way!) on the pilgrim road, that runs via Nevers to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (and onwards to Santiago).

In our dream about our new stopping place in Le Chemin this is how we imagine it to be:
“The moment you enter the inner courtyard you are tempted to stay. You are welcomed by the smell of blooming flowers. Underneath a large tree, a beautifully set table with homegrown vegetables and a homemade aperitif is waiting for you. The barn has turned into a labyrinth and the wine cellar is now a silence room. We welcome not only pilgrims who are on their way to Santiago, but also pilgrims who walk around Vézelay. A place where people can come to unwind and recharge their batteries. A place to discover and to experience, once again, how it feels deep down what it means in this hectic world to be a pilgrim. A place to get new inspiration. For the way does not come to an end in -for example- Santiago. On the contrary. At least that is how we experience it. We feel that we are still on our way.”

In short: if you are walking or biking to Santiago or around Vézelay, you are more than welcome. In the evening, you can join us for dinner and enjoy a three course home cooked meal. In the morning we can make you a healthy breakfast.

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