Our Hostel


Reservations are required this year (2020): via e-mail or telephone, at least the day before.


“L’Esprit du Chemin” is...
... a hostel for and by pilgrims, which
... offers hospitality and accommodation,
... in a tradition of simplicity, quality and inspiration.

The hostel is run entirely by volunteers and works on the basis of donativo.

Our hostel is located at a 25km walking or biking distance from Vézelay, in the settlement Le Chemin (municipality of Anthien), on the Vézelay Route and on the Tour de Vézelay. (Read more: pilgrimage routes).

If you are walking or biking to Santiago or around Vézelay, you are more than welcome.
In the evening, you can join us for dinner and enjoy a three course home cooked meal.
In the morning we can make you a healthy breakfast.   

Please note: Reservations are required this year (2021), at least one day in advance:

  • by e-mail (please also indicate: your mobile phone number and the first names of any traveling companions ), or
  • telephone: +33 (0) 3 86 22 02 85.
Dinner, under the lime tree
Farewell, "bonne route!"